Re-Election Report of FO Saeeda Minor

Social Mobilization Process for Re-Election of FO Saeeda minor was started in the month of May 2012, after dissolving the previous body of FO an Election committee was formed.

FO Saeeda Minor off takes from Akram Wah,  Kazia Sub Division, consists of 23 water courses from which 22 Water Course Associations were newly formed and registered with the FO. The Re-Election of FO held on 26th June 2012, 22 General Body Members participated in the general body meeting for FO Re-Election.

Following Board of Management was elected with the consensus of the general body members for the second tenure.

Chairman:                   Muhammad Umar Umrani

Vice Chairman:          Muhammad Khan Jamali

Secretary:                   Muhammad Usman Umrani

Treasurer:                   Muhammad Saleh Umrani

MMC 1:                       Ghulam Hussain Pathan

MMC 2:                       Muhammad Ali Jamali

All the participants and new BOM members were satisfied and they decided to work for FO development with a new soul and full energy.

 Reported By:

                                                                                                            Zubair Afzal Memon
Asst. Manager SM