Vision & Strategy

Mission and vision

Our Mission statements generally give an answer to the question: what do we have to do / what is our role (with whom and in what way) to realise our vision?
Vision statements are statements about the kind of outcome you want to achieve. It is meant to be an answer on the question: How would the society in which we work look like if we do our work well?
The following mission statement and vision are proposed for the Left Bank Area Water Board.

Mission statement

The Left Bank Area Water Board’s mission is to improve water management in its command area.
It will ensure equitable distribution of irrigation water, efficient removal of drainage water, management of river flood protection infrastructures and promote farmers’ participation.
The Left Bank Area Water Board will do so through an integrated approach in a sustainable manner, using sound business principles and in partnership with its clients and stakeholders.

The Left Bank Area Water Board’s vision on its role in the Sindhi society could be described in the following vision statement:


The Left Bank Area Water Board is committed to promote sustainable development and improved quality of life in its command area through integrated water management.