Tasks of the Area Water Board

The overall goal of the Left Bank Area Water Board is to improve the water management at canal level. That means a reliable and equitable water distribution and cost effective maintenance. To realize this goal, we will involve farmers in our Board and committees and will closely cooperate with farmers in the Farmers’ Organizations.

The most important tasks of the Left Bank Area Water Board are:-
Operation and maintenance of the Fulleli, Akram Wah and Guni main canals and their branch canals:

– Receiving the water from the Kotri barrage operated by the SIDA
– Distribution of the water through the canals to the Farmers’ Organizations

Reforms and Organization 2 Business Plan Left Bank Area Water Board 2004-2005

– Operation and maintenance of the outfall drains and main drains
– Maintenance of the flood protection infrastructure along the canals
– Promotion of the functioning of Farmers’ Organizations in the AWBs command area



The cell was established on the directives of Honorable Minister Irrigation & Power Department Government of Sindh and supported by the Provincial Project Steering committee supported and world Bank mission  in order for the  development of GIS data warehouse and  application for SIDA/IPD


  • Procurement of hardware, software & Satellite images for the GICS
  • To Develop GIS for the Irrigation, Drainage & Flood Management infrastructure of Sindh province specifically and in general Pakistan
  • Maintain and update GIS  data set warehouse and share with local and international agencies
  • Establish linkages of IPD/SIDA with other department on  the development of GIS
  • Provide Technical support/assistance to IPD/SIDA
  • Monitoring and provide support  to various activities of WSIP including development, social, research and  capacity building
  • Development of GIS applications to  monitor the water quantum from Barrages to Canal, Regulation of Canals, River  Course patterns, water theft control, water measurement and etc
  • Work with the various consultants of WSIP including PIC in order to get maximum benefits of the project.


  • GICS  building acquired and repaired in order to start GIS activities of WSIP / SIDA.
  • Procurement of necessary equipments including Plotter, Printer, Desktop machines and DSL.
  • Procurement of staff from market and Detailment.
  • Available GIS Data Sets acquired
  • Available Data of SIDA digitized in CAD environment and Maps created accordingly as well as preliminary GIS layers developed.
  • GIS models of main canals under development.
  • Developed Various Thematic Maps of Irrigation & Drainage Infrastructure.


Presently, Following first three Area Water Boards are operational:

Area Water Board
Cultivable Command Area*
Nara Canal Area Water Board 880,000 hectare Ghulam Mustafa Ujjan

Mirpur Khas
Left Bank Canal Area Water Board 620,000 hectare Habib Ahmed Ursani

Ghotki Feeder Canal Area Water Board 300,000 hectare
Anwar Siyal
Western Canal Area Water Board 430,000 hectare
Begari Feeder Canal Area Water Board 230,000 hectare