IT Section

  • Introduction:

Mr. Muhammad Faisal, Assistant Manager IT, Manages the IT Section. He did , Specialization Diploma in ORACLE and Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) in ORACLE 8i. Under Overall Supervision of LBC – AWB, the IT section provides Information Technology facilities to LBC-AWB, to build the organizational information infrastructure, and to expand technology support, to create an environment that will assist the whole LBC-AWB to achieve its goals in the coming decades.

  1. Objectives

The objective of the Information Technology Section is to provide efficient support to the LBC-AWB regarding all aspects of Information Systems & Technology. IT Section is responsible to administer the local Area Network, Software and the hardware in the LBC-AWB, gives support and training to the end users and keeps the LBC-AWB Web Site up-to-date.

  • Functional Profile

The IT Section strives to expand technology support to create the information technology environment so that the LBC-AWB needs in order to achieve its mission and vision. The growth of the Internet, the globalization, and rise of information economies has recast the role of Information Technology.

Internet Technology is supplying the foundation for new business models, processes, and new ways of distributing knowledge so that the top executives can constantly analyze performance at all levels of the organization.

The IT Section also manages an Internet Corner for the Organization’s Officers. There is a conscious effort on the part of IT Section to work in close collaboration with other Wings and Sections of the LBC-AWB. IT Section is equally conscious of the imperative to build human and technical capacities for enabling the facilitation to access and make best use of the new opportunities.