Meeting Tando Bago


Report on Meeting Tando Bago sub-division at Talhar


A meeting with S.D.O, Canal Assistant and Abdaar of Tando Bago sub-division was held on Tuesday, 17-08-16 at the office of AXEN/SDO Tando Bago Sub Division at Talhar regarding Abiana.

Meeting started at 11.30 AM, Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Bhatti General Manager (FACR) LBCAWB chaired the meeting, representatives of Irrigation Staff of Tando Bago Sub-division participated in the meeting.

S.D.O Tando Bago sub-division delivered a welcome speech to the participants and repeated the meeting agenda.

S.D.O Tando Bago sub-division  told that he is taking efforts to collect the abiana with the coordination of Canal Assistant and Abdaars, he raise issues regarding problems in recovery of Abiana by abdaars that they don’t have motor bikes and conveyance allowance.  He further requested that the F.O is not cooperating properly the F.O should cooperate management of Irrigation  otherwise the Irrigation staff can never collect abiana properly.

Mr. Zulfiar Ali Bhatti General Manager FACR told the Irrigation  staff  (Canal Assistant, Abdaars)  the proper way of the collection of Abina and he insisted Irrigation staff to be active in Abiana recovery activities. He assured the Irrigation staff for the support assistance.

At the end Mr. Tariq Aziz Bhatti (Manager CR) and Mr. Ayaz Ali Khawaja  (Assistant Manager S.M) thanked to the Irrigation staff for the participation.


It was observed that there is lack of coordination between irrigation staff and FOs to collect Abiana from  the minors and distributories. Mostly the Abiana on FO channels is being assessed and collected by the Canal Assistant and Abdaars and even mostly the abina payment receipts are not being issued to the framers/land owners.  The FO is not properly coordinating with the sub divisional irrigation staff.


                                                                                                                                                Reported By:

                              Ayaz Ali Khawaja

Assistant Manager S.M